Adult Classes

Our variety of adults classes offer fun and fitness for everyone. From beginners to experienced, come and join us at JUSTDANCE where we build strength, skills and friendships.


Ballet and Tap

The core all of dance. Learning the foundations of dance following the IDTA syllabus. (International Dance Teachers Association)
You will also learn different routines and choreography throughout your sessions, develop your skills, have fun and keep fit.


Street Dance and Burlesque

Exploring the fun and sassy elements of dance, these classes are faster paced and upbeat. Incorporating many different styles they will improve agility and fitness in our adult students.


Our adult stretch classes focus on improving your all round flexibility. This can also help correct posture, ease pain from your joins and prevent tightness in your muscles. If you uptake any aerial class this will also help you master those more flexible moves. Feel good and come and flex with us.



Commercial dance is a highly choreographed dance form that is featured in music videos, concerts and films etc. It incorporates various styles such as jazz, street, modern and hiphop.


Polefit and Aerial

Polefit and Aerial

Specialising in Aerial Fitness our disciplines include Pole, Hoop and Silk. These unique classes are a step up in fitness and will challenge you in ways different to any other fitness session. See our Pole and Aerial page for more info.